For International Women’s Day, we have selected five female artists who are making 0161 proud right now.

Some of these women are emerging and others are more established and we are excited about all five of them equally:

1. Hana Malik

Hana Malik released loads of hits throughout 2020, such as Take It Slow and Rainy Day. My personal favourite is St. Tropez for the lyrics “Don’t try save me coz I don’t need saving”. Yes girl.

Her most recent single which she released this year is Woke Up, which she spoke to us about last month.

We see and hear Hana Malik is a beautifully authentic light in Call On Me feat. Joash.

2. Francesca

R&B vocalist Francesca is doing the city proud.

Despite having only three singles released, she’s already gained half a million listens on her debut track Wanting Me on Spotify.

Her vocals, mixed with her aesthetic, have constant good vibes, as seen in the Summer in Manchester video, Fantasy:

3. Victoria Jane

Victoria Jane, who studied journalism at University and started out as a Radio Presenter, started releasing her own music in 2018.

She brought out her EP In My Zone in 2020, which demonstrates the ways she can create vocals for varying types of beats.

Her latest single is Loverboy Freestyle, which is described on her Spotify as “My 2021 mood in a song”.

4. OneDa

OneDa is a true asset to Manchester as a female rapper and vibrations raiser.

Her EP OneDa Land that was released in 2020 is truly addictive, the song Healing Flow literally being a healing flow.

Her most recent freestyle All I Know gives us an insight into OneDa‘s world.

5. Lady Ice

Lady Ice is a complete powerhouse and could not be missed off this list.

Most well known from appearing on The Rap Game UK and being the last female standing in the competition, she is an icon for all aspiring Manchester female artists. She also dropped the craziest freestyle for us here on Pie Radio in 2018 over Dave’s Funky Friday feat. Fredo.

Her most recent single No More Secrets was released on GRMDAILY.

Did your favourite Manny artist make the list? Let us know @pieradiouk