Jess Glynne has received immense criticism after using a transphobic slur during an interview on comedian Mo Gilligan’s podcast.

The well-known singer-songwriter used one of the most common slurs that are used against trans people to describe a strip club she visited, whilst speaking to Gilligan as part of his podcast that aired last week.

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It has now been removed, but in the podcast she described a story where “the funniest bit” when she was at “a tr*nny like strip club thing“. She said she was with a “bad man” at the time, and both Jess and Mo laughed at her impression of him being uncomfortable in that setting.

Following backlash, she issued a detailed apology on her Instagram:

“I want to address my appearance on the @mothecomedian podcast, when a story I told caused massive and righteous offence. Firstly, I want to say that I am wholeheartedly sorry. I know that in this case, sorry is not nearly enough, throughout my life I have made a lot of mistakes and what I have come to know is that the only benefit to making one is to learn from it. I didn’t want to simply put out a PR apology on social media because I know that I have caused offence and pain to a community that I love and have always wanted to support. To be in the knowledge that I have negatively impacted the community through my own ignorance has ripped out a piece of my heart. I know I needed to address my mistake head on and educate myself about an issue I was frankly ignorant of.

The language that I used on the podcast was unacceptable, as someone that has always been immersed in the LGBTO, community, I have witnessed first hand the progress that has been made when it comes to language, I am ashamed that I was unaware of the potency of the T-slur until now. I have been fortunate enough and privileged enough to spend time today talking to the transgender model and activist @danistjames who has educated me about the power of that word and how it has been historically used as a weapon against so many. It is often the last word someone hears before they are brutally attacked or even murdered, similar to the anti-gay F-slur, the T-slur is commonly used to humiliate and degrade transgender individuals. Murders and attacks are commonplace in this community and safe environments are paramount. I now understand how insulting it was to see a clip of me and @mothecomedian laughing at a story which I should have known better than to tell and casually, thoughtlessly using a word that is a dehumanising, dangerous slur to so many. Today I have learnt something that I will carry with me for the rest of my fife. I hope by using my platform to apologise I can also start the conversation and others may benefit from being educated by braver souls than myself, I know that with a platform of my size, I have a responsibility to host the voices of many, over the coming weeks and beyond, I will be lending my platforms to voices of the community and I look forward to continuing my education on these issues.

For now, here are a few of organisations that we can all turn to, to learn @Notaphaseorg @Londontranspride @mermaidsgender @genderedintelligence @fiveforfivecouk @aktcharity @blacktransfoundation @transactualuk

I do believe personal development never ends but we have to make a commitment to change and I will be taking some time to continue to grow. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me, and thank you again @danistjames.

Love Jess.”

The pop star has since deleted her social media accounts, presumably temporarily. Mo Gilligan is yet to comment on the situation.

Many people on Twitter have responded to this fiasco:

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