The musical stylings of Jords, Masego and Kadiata have inspired a post-lockdown smooth and sanguine hit.

The singer, song-writer and rapper, Jords, is an undeniable triple threat who continues to make his mark with through his musical lyricism; collaborating with revered and pioneering artists.

The talented trio trade lyrical bars to produce a smooth and melodious early summer hit.

The new track glorifies good energy and idealises the importance of family, friends and light-hearted living. The song’s upbeat, catchy and flavourful melody has made it an instant classic.

From the light blend of afrobeat and trap to the drizzles of luxe lounge piano in the background, the new release is a perfect combination of the three artists’ musical personalities.

Jords has stated: “I really want people to travel through time with my music.” This new release serves as a testament to the statement above, as the track is current with a nostalgic scent.

Through trap driven verses, Jords’ beat riding rhythm allows the track to be contemporary in accordance with today’s UK rap evolution, however Masego’s influence has enabled the track to possess a lavish and nostalgic vibe simultaneously.

The new song marks Jords’ first release since his 2020 album Almost An Adult, and we only expect more great releases and exciting collaborations in the near future from all three artists on the track.

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