Love Island stars Yewande Biala, Amber Gill and Amy Hart have responded to accusations from Lucie Donlan of Yewande of bullying her whilst on the show.

In Summer 2019, Yewande and Lucie were both stars on Love Island. There was no obvious on screen clash. This week, a revelation has shown that there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Yewande has remained very good friends with Joe, Lucie’s ex boyfriend from the show. On Joe’s YouTube channel he released an episode titled “BOYS vs GIRLS Relationship Advice: I can’t believe Yewande said that #Savage”  where Yewande shared her feelings about Lucie.

Yewande said, “I didn’t like the girl you were seeing. I didn’t like her, she knew I didn’t like her. You were still with her though. He still stayed with her. She’s a horrible person really”. This episode aired in September 2020, but people have reason to believe this may be the reason Lucie said the following…

On an old Instagram post, someone asked Lucie “how do you feel about @yewande_biala saying you’re a horrible person?”

Lucie responded “she’s always bullied me…”

This comment was rediscovered on Reddit yesterday.

Since then, Yewande has responded.

Co-star and best friend, Amber supported with:

Amy, who was also a star on the show was also there for Yewande:

There has been conflicting views on Twitter in response to this situation. Some have remembered Lucie’s conflict with Molly-Mae on the show.

Some people have commented how whilst Lucie should be held accountable, she should not be dragged.

Others are very much supporting Yewande.

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