Birmingham rapper M1llionz premiered the visuals to his latest track Badnis last night via his YouTube channel M1llionz Music.

Badnis is the intro to M1llionz’s upcoming EP, the release date of which is yet to be announced. The visuals have received over 150k views and fans have taken to Twitter to gas the artist on his new track.

M1llionz has a theme within his visuals, Badnis having a similar girtty feel to Lagga. In the video M1llionz can be seen chilling with the locals in the streets, studio and at the dancehall.

At the end of the video, M1llionz gives us a sneak preview of his possible next release featuring Ash from Lotto Boyzz, it looks like we may be seeing a softer side to M1llionz in his next track in the run up to the release of his EP.

M1llionz has also posted pictures on Instagram of him out in Jamaica with Popcaan… what else can we be expecting from his EP?


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