Fredo reflects on childhood trauma, his time in prison, and the various pressures experienced throughout his career, in a surprisingly emotional album.

Thematically the album cuts to the core and presents an honest journey of the rapper’s life.

The album was exclusively produced by Dave and features as the rappers’ third collaboration together after Dave’s ‘Funky Fridayand Fredo’s ‘All I Ever Wanted‘.

The record is the most open we’ve ever seen Fredo, and everyone is here for it.

Santan Dave, Summer Walker, Pop Smoke and Young Adz feature on the album, helping to enhance the relatable tracks and stories.

The first song on the album, Biggest Mistake, is an incredibly moving track. Fredo discusses his experience growing up on an estate in London, and being in prison where he met Santan Dave’s brother, Christopher.

Fredo’s bar: “who would’ve thought me and his brother would sell, number one in the charts” pays a sentimental credit to his feature on Dave’s track Funky Friday‘.

‘Money Talks’ was released as a tease before the album dropped and features Dave himselfThe lead single discusses why their opps are even talking to them when they aren’t on the same level and features a fiery music video directed by Dave’s close friend, Edem.

Fredo references TV show Gossip Girl, saying he doesn’t talk behind backs. He also mentions 90’s kids show Kenan and Kel where main character Kel is always seen drinking orange soda. “No gossip, we leave it to the girls / Trap boys, so easy to tell / Got more soda than Kenan and Kel.”

Dave also shrugs off the idea that ‘money talks’ in his bar about his ex trying to flash her holiday with her new ‘bae’: “Old ting try flex on man last week with a dead baecation / Baby, I go Heathrow more than your man goes petrol station” – travelling around the world is nothing new to him.

Aunt’s Place‘ tells the sad story of Fredo being kicked out of his mums house and living with his Aunt. “This was always meant for me.” is repeated throughout, suggesting his life style growing up was inevitable but he knew he should’ve been doing better.

2020 was a year full of ups and downs for Fredo, he became a father but also dealt with the loss of people close to him. ‘Readywhich features Summer Walker, discusses both of those times in his life and the struggle of not having much of a chance growing up:It’s funny where I’m from guns are pressing a lot, but if you’re from here in life you have less of a shot.”

Looking back on Fredo’s career, which first came to light in 2016, the album is an incredible display of how far the rapper has come.

A summarised history of fredo’s rap career

Coming on scene in 2016 Fredo released his first track ‘They Ain’t 100‘.

He jumped on Kojo FundsDun Talkin‘ Remix with JME, YXNG BANE and Frisco later that same year.

In March 2017 he released his debut mixtape ‘Get Rich or Get Recalled‘ and later that year released Change‘. This track was featured on the rapper’s second mixtape, ‘Tables Turn‘, released in the next year.

In 2018 Fredo featured on tracks including Dave’s Funky Friday which charted at no. 1.

Fredo released his highly anticipated album ‘Third Avenue‘ which reached no. 5 in the album charts in 2019.

He then featured as Tiffany Calver’s first freestyle on the 1XTRA Rap Show the day after his album dropped.

Joining Dave on stage, Fredo performed Funky Friday’ at Glastonbury 2019.

Finally, on Friday January 29 2021, Fredo dropped his second studio album ‘Money Can’t Buy Happiness‘. 

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