Michael Dapaah is joined by Birmingham’s very own M1llionz for the final episode of Dapaah’s series with Beats, Belly Must Go.

The finale of Belly Must go welcomes M1llionz, a Birmingham based rapper who has blown up over the past couple of years with hits Y Pree, Lagga, B1llionz and many more.

Whilst working out with Dapaah, M1llionz speaks about his music journey so far. After only starting to rap in 2019, M1llionz tells Dapaah how he didn’t really take making music seriously until he saw the reaction for Y Pree, which has received 4.5 million views on YouTube.

M1llionz is known for shooting music videos abroad – he tells Dapaah that his favourite location was Kenya, where he shot the visuals for Lagga.

When shooting in these locations such as Kenya and JA, M1llionz tells Dapaah that if you’re in a position to help those less fortunate then ‘it’s good if you can do it’.

When Dapaah asked the famous BMG quick fire question ‘Boris Johnson or you Ex’, M1llionz swiftly replies with ‘Johnson’.

The pair head over to the bench press where Dapaah asks M1llionz, what would he do if a girl came to link him in creased air forces… M1llionz tells Dapaah he would ‘lock it off’.

From talking about his noticeable work rate to Drake showing him love, the rapper tells Dapaah he isn’t a ‘slidey yout’ when it comes to sliding into girls DMs.

He also reveals that there is a ‘Mrs M1llionz’ after Dapaah experienced some technical difficulties on the leg press machine.

Finally, without further a do, the pair take on the legendary BMG circuit, where the two compete against each other to secure a place on the BMG leaderboard. Unfortunately for M1llionz he got beaten by Dapaah who had a time of 24.45 seconds.

Watch the finale of Belly Must Go and let us know @pieradiouk what your favourite M1llionz track is.