YouTubers Tobjizzle and Behzinga join Michael Dapaah for yet another episode of Belly Must Go, which sees guests break a sweat with Dapaah and Agent Harvs.

The pair are part of the YouTube group Sidemen, who currently have 11.4 million subscribers. The group consists of fellow YouTubers KSI, Wroetoshaw, Miniminter, Vikkstar123 and Zerkaa.

During treadmill talk, it’s revealed that Tobjizzle (Tobi) is in fact the 2nd fastest entertainer in the world. Behzinga (Ethan) tells Dapaah that when he’s lifting heavy in the gym, he likes to listen to Chase and Status, whilst Tobjizzle says that he likes to listen to old school Giggs.

Both Tobjizzle and Behzinga are YouTube royalty, and have been producing content since they were youngsters. Behzinga tells Dapaah he started when he was 12 years old… he’s now turning 26 this year. ????

Whilst on their way to do some more exercise, Ethan explains to Dapaah the meaning behind his screen name, saying how he took inspiration from The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper.

From trying to figure out how many days are in an advent calendar to chatting about their best chat up lines, Tobjizzle and Behzinga touch on it all in the latest episode of Belly Must Go.

Watch the full episode of Belly Must Go and let us know @pieradiouk what your best chat up line is.