Hope everyone is staying at home and staying safe during this lockdown. For the usual viewers of the show, you’ll have noticed a few changes, and if this is your first time watching, check out the previous episodes and lets us know if you’re feeling the new format. We’re working on developing the overall production, so your input is needed.

Pie Chart Episode 4 presented by Melly & Sparks.  The hosts have listened to some of your submissions and tracks played weekly by our DJs / presenters and selected their ‘Top 10’ from official music releases in March. This month’s final 10 official Manchester releases are Tunde ‘Mob Ties’, Mastermind ft Bandokay ‘War’, Yung Loose ‘Jungle’, Prima ‘Stop Lights’, Kay Rico ‘RWMD’, Vic Tory ft SK World ‘Who’s That’, Keekz ‘Red Bottoms’, Zeph ‘Photos’ and Dami Sule ‘Days Like This’.

Make sure you check out the artists featured, follow and share the playlist. Drop your comments below if you’re feeling the songs, also let us know if there are artists or music we should be checking out.  Follow the playlist below.