The home office are planning a pre-Christmas mass deportation of Black British residents to Jamaica on December 2nd.

Bella Sankey, director of ‘Detention Action’, tweeted: “The Home Office intends to operate a charter flight to Kingston Jamaica. The flight will have capacity for up to 50 returnees. As this is a chartered flight the aircraft may have to close its doors and move away from the stand shortly before the allocated time to comply with the departure slot”.

Despite ‘The Lessons Learned Review’ in response to The Windrush Scandal, the government continues to send chartered flights to Jamaica mid-Covid and right before Christmas. This is tearing families apart and will mean a number of children will be without their parents this Christmas.

No borders mcr

No Borders MCR, a Manchester-based activist group, are aiding the fight to stop the plane and to spread awareness.

In 2020, No Borders MCR was launched which aims to work against the hostile border regimes across Europe.

On their website it says that “many of the men [being deported] came to the UK as children and many now how children themselves. Most of these men have been the main caregiver for their children during the pandemic. If this plane leaves, more than 30 British children will suffer the experience of being forced apart from their fathers”.


Contact your MP.

No borders MCR have drafted a template that you can use to send to your local MP. The more pressure that is put on your local MPs to take action the more likely we will get through to the government.

The link to the template is here:

Sign the petition.

You can sign the petition to stop the flight here: