After the release of the MOBO nominees this morning, many Meekz fans were outraged at the fact he had not been nominated.

From Manchester, 2020 has been an incredible year for Meekz. In July, he released his debut tape ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’, which caught the attention of the public earning him a solid and ever-growing fan base. Many fans were left shocked to find that Meekz had been left out of the nominations completely.


Yes sirrrr

— Meekz_Manny (@MannyMeekz) November 24, 2020

Fans tweeted their disappointment at Meekz not being nominated for best newcomer or best video…



The response

After MOBO and Meekz were inundated on Twitter with fans expressing their dismay at him not being recognised, MOBO Instagram messaged Meekz asking for his manager’s email. Meekz shared a screenshot on Twitter with the simple caption “ok”.

Meekz commented on his lack of recognition in a recently deleted Instagram post:

“Sorry. I been working on a masterpiece. I know you lot feel robbed. Mask off don’t worry I don’t feel I’ve done enough yet. I’ll give myself flowers & accept the fruits of my labour after. Hopefully, when the world is back to normal & people are functioning & award shows are how they’re supposed to be we’ll attend some red carpets in fashion & take some credit where it’s due. Respect the come up”.

Even though fans feel that Meekz has not been given the credit he deserves… hold tight till next year! Undoubtedly, he will be back with more incredible music and snatching up awards along the way. This is just the beginning for Meekz… we are excited to follow him on his journey.