Maryland’s very own ‘retired’ rapper Logic has finally pumped out some of his oldest bangers, that fans have craved for over 7 years.

Many moons ago, Logic released his Young SInatra mixtape series. This consisted of Young Sinatra (2011), YS Undeniable (2012), YS Young Broke and Infamous (2013), and then finally YSIV (2018).

These mixtapes are regarded as Logic’s old hidden gems by his fans, and are widely believed to be responsible for his come up. However, with the exception of YSIV, none of the YS mixtapes had been allowed on streaming services due to the use of certain samples and instrumentals etc.

Recently however, Logic announced via his YouTube account ‘Bobbysworld‘ that him and his team had spent the last year working tirelessly to clear the samples so the music could finally be released on more places than YouTube.

Obviously, since there are over 60 songs spread across the YS experience, it makes sense that not all of them would be released, especially since Logic stated that some songs were simply unable to be cleared of their Copyright issues and couldn’t be re-released.

However, only 14 songs have made it onto streaming services so far, which means many tracks, such as the Young Sinatra song series, have not made an appearance. In contrast, lots of the OG logic classics have made their return, such as the energetic, punchy ‘Ballin’, the self explanatory ‘We Get High’ and ‘Relaxation’ which uses the famous Tribe Called Quest instrumental,  topped off with ‘One’, now featuring the late, great Frank Sinatra officially.

This left fans satisfied with their helping of ‘old Logic’, but still craving more as some tunes are clearly missing. In contrast though, many could imply that more YS material is on its way, as Logic released the old stuff under the name ‘YS Collection Vol.1’. If the ‘Vol 1’ doesn’t hint that more is coming, then I don’t know what does.

Nevertheless, the new release acts as great fan service for Logic’s OG Rattpack, but also allows many of his newer fans to experience his Young Sinatra material for the first time.

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