Join Daisy as she reflects on bangers from the past as a Throwback Thursday. This week’s pick – Cocoa Sugar by Young Fathers.

Today’s Thursday throwback, I thought I would bring it back to our own island. Instead of choosing one of the classic LDN lads, I have chosen a Scottish hip hop trio to change it up from the usual suspects – Young Fathers.

This group won the Mercury Prize back in 2014 for their album Dead, though I have chosen their last release Cocoa Sugar from 2018 to review. Although it might seem too recent to be called a throwback, whether it is 3 years or 30 years, this album will become a classic.

This trio have come from quite a tough background, and discuss issues of their past and history through their music. This album, is their most refined work in my opinion.

They can make you dance, cry and feel everything on one album. This album in particular includes their trademark deep drum beats combined with their electronic rhythms. This album is a great entry level to their music. Even Jools Holland was late to the game with this lot.

Standout tracks are In My View, Border Girl and Toy.

Cocoa Sugar will make you realise what you are missing out on, which is one of the best hip-hop groups to come out of the UK., with a sound never heard before.

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