Summary of the government press conference dated January 11th 2021

Who was on today’s panel?

Health Secretary Matt Hancock and NHS England National Medical Director Prof Stephen Powis.

Update on Covid-19 cases

In the last day, there have been 46,169 positive cases. There has been a 22% increase in hospital admissions, as there are 32,294 Covid-19 patients in hospital.

Update on vaccination rollout

2.6 million doses of vaccines have been handed out to 2.3 million people in the U.K. This includes nearly a quarter of care home residents who have received their first doses.

General summary of points raised by the panel

  • Matt Hancock said the restrictions are constantly reviewed and that the Government will not hesitate to make them stricter if necessary.
  • The Government will look into reviewing the exercise with one other person from one other household allowance if people are using it for “socialising
  • Support bubbles can stay, but Hancock explained that they will be more for those living alone
  • Prof Powis reassured us that vaccine centres are equipped with relevant safety equipment to minimise risk of transmission
  • Hancock defended the fact that the Prime Minister cycled 7 miles away from home by saying “it’s okay to go for a long walk/cycle, but you must stay local
  • Both panelists were confident that the vaccination rollout was on target to meet its February date
  • Prof Powis stated that the positive effects of the vaccine compared to hospital admissions will not be seen immediately. He did say they will likely see these results in February.

WHO Statement

The World Health Organisation has said herd immunity will not be met in 2021, despite the vaccine rollout. 

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