Kenny Beats latest venture involves a collaboration with TikTok star 347aidan. 

With his trademark ‘Woah Kenny‘ intro, the trap producer has chosen to work with the 17 year old viral sensation and we can see why.

347aidan’s music is so catchy and gets under your skin so quickly. His rough and ready attitude and flow, compared with his confidence and self-awareness not only convinces you he is older than he is, but this guy is also going to be a sensation beyond the realms of TikTok. 347aidan is reaching an audience beyond his TikTok fanbase, with Kenny Beats producing a musical leg-up if you like, this track proves that he is not going away anytime soon.

Although it is not my favourite Kenny Beats production (because I am biased towards Denzel Curry), I can still see myself singing along to this in my car.

You can stream IDWK here.