The unstoppable Aya Nakamura releases yet another sensual summer hit with her new single ‘Bobo’. 

The French-Malian pop singer has effortlessly created her unique and successful sound by combining afro-beat, pop and R&B in her feel-good music.

The multi-platinum artist launched to the top of the charts after the release of her successful anthem “Djadja” in 2018 from her second album, NAKAMURA.

The song took on a life of its own, with major stars such as Maluma and Tayc creating their own rendition of the track.

Since then, Nakamura has consistently released successful hits both in France and Internationally, gaining a loyal and fierce fanbase.

The visuals for the new release are set on a beautiful beach, with Nakamura adorned in summer dresses, silhouetted against a setting sun.

The scenes accompanying her music video are just as vibrant as the song itself!

This single is the perfect addition to our summer playlists and we wait in anticipation for Nakamura’s next release.

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