Jason Derulo has remixed the international Tesher hit ‘Jalebi Baby’ after it’s recent revival on TikTok!

Canadian-Indian producer and world renowned artist Tesher reimagined “Jalebi Baby” with a latin and South-Asian twist.

Tesher created the original single almost a year ago in 2020, which gained over 100 million streams globally.

With the addition of the TikTok King Jason Derulo, the song is bound to break chart records as an international hit as it exceeds over a million views in under a week!

Carrying the title of pop sensation was only the beginning as Jason Derulo takes over TikTok with his page currently being the 12th biggest in the world with over 46 million followers.

The singer has also announced the release of his first graphic novel, an unexpected but impressive direction for the artist.

This new rendition is already a hit and we can’t wait to see what both artists release next!

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