After months of teasing, Lil Baby and Lil Durk have finally released the collaborative album The Voice of the Heroes.

Last year, Lil Durk released his album The Voice. On the title song of the new project, Durk makes the titular connection, singing: “See, I’m the voice, Baby, he the hero.”

This is the origin of the album title which features 18 tracks and artists such as Travis Scott, Young Thug, Rod Wave, and Meek Mill.

The opening track Voice of the Heroes, dropped May 31st, as a tease for the upcoming project release.

The autotune-laden song shows the rappers recounting their trials and tribulations before amassing their indisputable success.

The single is accompanied with a music video directed by Daps and set in Atlanta’s Oakland City neighbourhood, which is Lil Baby’s hometown.

The project enables bursts of rap energy presented uniquely on each track. After the opening, the record moves into life with ‘2040’, where the duo prove their chemistry again, crafting another electronic-led hit.

‘Up The Side’ boosts the energy levels, with Young Thug’s bars illuminating Lil Baby and Lil Durk.

‘Make It Out’ is a complete piece of street poetry, one of the project’s most effective tracks, lyrically moving and musically bold.

Check out The Voice of the Heroes album tracklist below:

1. “Voice of the Heroes”
2. “2040”
3. “Hats Off” featuring Travis Scott
4. “Who I Want”
5. “Still Hood”
6. “Man of My Word”
7. “Still Runnin'” featuring Meek Mill
8. “Medical”
9. “How It Feels”
10. “Lying”
11. “Okay”
12. “That’s Facts”
13. “Please”
14. “Up the Side” featuring Young Thug
15. “If You Want To”
16. “Rich Off Pain” featuring Rod Wave
17. “Make It Out”
18. “Bruised Up”

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