Aitch’s new single “Learning Curve” is not only a summer hit but a lyrical erosion on the myth of needing to cast “slim” women. 

The new single is heavily equipped with the Manchester rapper’s cut-throat verses, seasoned with  cultural references and a boastful instrumental beat.

Directed by both KC Locke and Aitch, the hard-hitting transitions and multiple scenes of visual wordplay complimented the high spirited energy of the single, incredibly well!

“Learning Curve” has been widely praised by Aitch’s fans and fellow peers due to the raw musical talent present within the single and its representation of the everyday woman.

The inclusive diversity explicit within the visuals include women of colour, different hair and body types. As well as a woman who appears to have a skin condition, known as ‘vitiligo’, highlighting the artists attempt to erode the current beauty standard.

Although the conscious decision made by Aitch to include beautiful “curvy” women has been appreciated and glorified by many, social media trolls have left body-shaming comments on Aitch’s posts.

The 21-year old responded to these comments stating: “All the man hating on the girls on my new post are iiiiidiots.”

“First of all you could never even come near these girls, they don’t want you. They’re too leng for you.”


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In April, Aitch announced that he would be taking a break from social media to deal with the “loneliness” that came with experiencing fame.

Through a handwritten poem he expressed his reasoning for the needed break and has evidently returned with an unapologetic single, fully fuelled for what’s to come next!

The proud Mancunian has stated that his “debut will 100,00 per cent be a proper Manchester album!”

From releasing killer freestyles on YouTube to creating BRIT-nominated singles, Aitch has skyrocketed to fame in recent years and we can’t wait for the release of his debut album

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