New York based singer-songwriter Amber Mark has blessed her audience with an uplifting new release, ‘Worth It‘.

This soothing new anthem is an illustration of Amber’s poetic songwriting and soulful vocal style.

This new track marks the artist’s first release since her last single in 2020, ‘Generous’.

Directed by Cara Stricker and Amber Mark, the music video travels through calming landscapes with Amber centred amidst the earthy aesthetic and dusk sky.

The transcending feel of the single is heightened by the performance of two individuals who are silhouetted against a darkening mountain sky, dancing.

Amber Mark’s enchanting artistry has certainly resonated with her audience, as ‘Worth It’ is being played on repeat.

The song was created to lift our spirits, and within the song Amber Mark delves into the importance of practicing self love and acceptance.

She has stated: “I wrote this song as a mantra to myself in order to lift my spirits.” She wishes to remind her audience that they are worthy, loved individuals who can be their own worst critics.


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Spreading good energy and hopeful messages through her covers and original series, we can’t wait to see what Amber Mark covers and/or creates next!

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