Annie Drea, Nella Rose and Adeola all join Michael Dapaah for the fifth episode of his latest YouTube series Belly Must Go.

Dapaah and Agent Harvs put the three YouTubers through their paces in this episode ‘physically, mentally and emotionally’.

The episode starts with the girls talking about how they got into their current careers. Adeola tells Dapaah she was ‘bored’ at uni when she first started YouTube. Nella tells us how she first started making her own little videos at 11 years-old after her Dad bought her a camera, and she then moved on to making YouTube videos at 18! Annie Drea, an editing queen, tells Dapaah how she ‘fell in love with the editing process’ after going through a bad breakup.

During treadmill talk, Annie admits to being the messiest out of the three, whilst Nella admits to putting her toaster back in the cupboard after using it.

Dapaah asked the important question – if the girls had to choose between their ex or Boris Johnson, who would they pick? Adeola wasted no time in choosing her ex over the PM, saying ‘that haircut is scary’. Both Annie and Nella said they would choose Boris over their ex.

After breaking a sweat on the treadmill, Agent Harvs shows the girls how to get them booty gains with some weighted hip thrusts. Dapaah paired up with Adeola for the round, and Nella and Annie paired up, where we heard Nella let go of some interesting exercise sounds…

When asked where the girls would go on their first date, Adeola tells Dapaah she wants to be taken to Dubai and have her outfits bought for her at the mall…the statement leaves Dapaah speechless.

Nella was too jokes throughout the episode, particularly when the group was told to do a plank – Nella tried to plank but it just wasn’t working for her, however she did not escape the watchful eye of Agent Harvs.

Finally, nearing the end of the episode, you know what that means…yes – the BMG circuit. Annie, Nella and Adeola all took a shot at the circuit, and the outcome was not good for Dapaah. Adeola beat Dapaah with a time of 27.05 seconds, sending her to third place on the BMG scoreboard.

Watch the full episode of Belly Must Go and let us know @pieradiouk what would you rather have- bad breath or bad odour? ????