Chip vs Bugzy Malone are exception to #BackToTheFuture predictions.

As you may or may not know, yesterday 21st October 2015 was #BackToTheFutureDay, our guess is Michael J Fox didn’t see Chip and Bugzy Malone going back to back with the release of three “Send” songs and videos within 8 hours.

The day started with Bugzy Malone releasing #WasteMan via LinkUpTV at 6pm, Chip quickly responded with #Dickhead via GRM Daily. Bugzy did a Blue Peter by releasing his prepared track ‘Zombie Riddim’ via JDZ Media, we’re not too sure if that really qualifies as a send back – what do you think?

Three things to take away from this; It’s a great time to be alive, be from the UK Grime / Rap scene and kudos to both MCs for their work rate.

May the best man win!!!


Bugzy Malone – #Wasteman | @TheBugzyMalone | Link Up TV

Chip – #Dickhead [Music Video] | GRM Daily

JDZmedia – Bugzy Malone – Zombie Riddim [Music Video]