Sonder have returned with front man Brent Faiyaz to bless us with two tracks, including ‘Nobody But You’ featuring Jorja Smith.

Singer Brent has reunited with Dpat and Atu, the two producers who make up Sonder, to drop two releases this week: ‘Too Late To Die’, a 13 minute track on YouTube and Nobody But You featuring Jorja Smith.

Fans were quick to divide the lengthy ‘Too Late To Die’ track into six smaller tracks, which can be found here on Soundcloud.

In the latest offering, the 13-minute-long visual is complete with stimulating scenes to set the tone, and multiple switch ups sonically.

Brent sings of uncertain love and raps in a distilled voice, addressing his companion on ‘being in love’ but having doubts about that; a common theme for Brent and his lyrics.

The production by Dpat and Atu creates a strong set of tracks that has been missing from Sonder, as the group have been fairly quiet since their project ‘Into’.

Jorja Smith teased fans on Wednesday night after uploading a IG story of her trying to call Brent on FaceTime but he had declined. This led many fans to suspect that she had collaborated with Sonder, but when the first track dropped, Jorja’s vocals were still yet to be heard…

Which brings us to today; ‘Nobody But You’ featuring Jorja Smith dropped early this morning, and was worth all the anticipation.

On the track, Faiyaz plays a poor-performing companion in the eyes of Jorja Smith, but recognises his faults and promises to change his ways. Jorja, on the other hand, is extremely skeptical of this, as she notes he only cares about himself and no one else.

Prior to the release of Sonder’s new single, Faiyaz dropped his ‘Show U Off’ single in honor of Women’s History Month. The track featured production from Atu and Dpat and arrived with a video that spotlighted the many women that played a significant role in the singer’s life.

It has been only a few weeks since we last heard Jorja Smith with her single ‘Addicted’, which arrived not too long after her ‘Come Over’ collaboration with Popcaan.

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