Alex George, a professional A&E doctor who appeared on ITV’s Love Island in 2018, has been appointed as the Government’s new Youth Mental Health Ambassador.

Since leaving the Love Island villa, he has returned to the medical profession. Throughout the COVID pandemic, he’s been working on the frontlines, and has additionally been sharing mental health tips via his socials and encouraging people to stay home.

He has now been appointed as the UK Government’s Youth Mental Health Ambassador by Boris Johnson. The role has been created in line with Children’s Mental Health week, as well as the introduction of new support initiatives which aim to direct and investigate the effects of the pandemic on young people’s metal health.

As mentioned before, Dr Alex has actively shared his thoughts surrounding mental health in young people on social media alongside his career. This was most notable after his own metal health suffered as a result of the passing of his brother to suicide last year.

Dr Alex George is not just a Love Island influencer; he’s an educator, a frontline worker and a man who clearly wants to see change.


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Alex noted that his past experience will help him understand young people’s mental health as he takes on this role.

In a video where Boris Johnson and Dr Alex were discussing the stigmas around mental health, Alex expressed how determined he is in his new role.

Alex said he is: “really, really passionate about helping young people through what has been an incredibly difficult time”.

To give credit to the Government where it’s due, appointing this role to a medically-trained professional who is also an influencer and someone who found their platform from a TV show with a major demographic of young people, is incredibly smart.

Not only does Alex have a platform big enough to open conversations, influence and educate, but he also has experienced and seen first hand the negative effects on youth mental health in the UK.

Dr Alex has a massive platform, with massive 1.8million followers on Instagram, where he uses his knowledge to host medical Q&As to spread awareness and information.


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We wish Dr Alex the best of luck in his new role as Ambassador for Mental Health.