Last night GRM Daily aired a collaboration; We never knew, we were so badly in need of.

Manchester’s very own Mastermind, is back for the first time since last years ‘Wave Time 2’ featuring Chip and Nafe Smallz, a continuation from from hit single ‘Wave Time’.

The 24-year-old teamed up with the North London’s Bandokay, on latest instalment entitled, ‘War’.

Together, they unite the distinct sounds of two prominent cities who are currently carrying the UK music scene.

Setting forth an equally inspired, broodingly raw battle track.

Opening with Masterminds unique auto-tune induced melody’s, the OFB member follows suit; Flowing over a more spirited instrumental – contrasting with the darker displays he tends to dive into.

With production courtesy of LiTek alongside two of the UK’s most promising talents; There’s no surprise as to how the trio racked up a commendable 230,000+ views in just 5 hours.

In addition to gaining recognition from major tastemaker, DJ Target – who named the offering this weeks ‘Targets Embargo’.

The release was accompanied by visuals that show both artists rolling up to a warehouse, then devising a plan to infiltrate it; Jumping to cuts of the pair performing solo and together. When suddenly, their plans are brought to a halt due to some unwanted visitors.

View the visuals above!