The Weeknd gave us an impressive performance during last nights Super Bowl half time show, also providing plenty of memeworthy content.

Of course with regards to the game, Tom Brady was the talk of the night. He steered the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a comfortable 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs to extend his record for Super Bowl wins to seven.

But the night was truly made with an unforgettable performance by The Weeknd and his performers at the half-time show.

The Canadian musician joined the likes of Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Prince, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga as Super Bowl performers, and became the first Canadian to perform solo at the American football event.

The Weeknd began his set by appearing between two halves of the stage, which was built into the stands of the Raymond James stadium in Florida.

The singer performed in front of a masked audience of 25,000 including 7,500 vaccinated health care workers and 30,000 life-size cut outs.

Musically, he started off with 2016’s Starboy and then 2015’s The Hills, before giving us Can’t Feel My Face, I Feel It Coming, Save Your Tears and more.

The Weeknd reportedly put $7 million of his own money into the performance. Part of the success of this was that he played less to the fans in the stadium and more to the millions watching from home with the crazy visuals.

Taking a camera and the audience through the stadium seats, the Weekend went through a hall of mirrors surrounded by facial bandaged dancers dressed as his recent After Hours character. He then arrived back on stage that used most of the stadium as his backdrop.

A head spinning segue later, the Weeknd performed House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls with hundreds of dancing characters, before ending the show with his 2020 hit Blinding Lights, filling the pitch with his facial bandaged doppelgängers dancing with lights.

The halftime show brought more than just a performance and sent Twitter into a meme frenzy.

The army of bandaged dancers, fireworks and up-close camera angles were just some of the memorable moments from The Weeknd’s performance, and Twitter certainly won’t let you forget…

As he transitioned into singing Can’t Feel My Face, The Weeknd stepped into a well-lit backstage area with the camera tracking his panic, as he rushed to get into position for the song to start.

Twitter users didn’t think twice to turn this into a meme with the short clip presenting the singer frantically looking around, fans have found endless options in terms of captions.

Here are some of our favourites… ????

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