Join Daisy as she reflects on bangers from the past as a Throwback Thursday. This week’s pick is an eleven year old record that is one of the finest modern day link ups ever created – Distant Relatives by Nas & Damian Marley

So, I was a year late to this album but it has since become one of my all time favourite albums and will be yours too.

Nas and Damien Marley first collaborated on Damien’s Welcome to Jamrock album, on the track ‘Road to Zion’.

5 years later, the artists came together and released Distant Relatives in 2010. It was an album that I would deem “woke” before being woke was a thing.

Drawing on their Jamaican and New York upbringings, this album is a masterpiece. Their lyricism combined is unreal – from the call and response flow between the two, down to what issues they rap about. – it still brings me out in goosebumps to this day. One of my biggest regrets was not being able to see this album performed live.

They sample music from across the globe, from Ethiopian Jazz, to Marley’s own family tree of music. Their choice of samples fit perfectly with the hopeful world view that Damien and Nas talk about on this album.

For all of those interested in exploring their inner woke and consciousness, give this MEGA underrated album a listen. Let it bless your ears and souls with its messages of world problems and hopeful futures. Stand out tracks include ‘Dispear’, ‘Strong Will Continue’, ‘As We Enter’ and ‘Friends’.

Listen to the record here and let us know what you think of this reggae/ hip hop crossover classic @pieradiouk.