Vince Staples has released his short but sweet self-titled album, sitting at 22 minutes in length.

Vince Staples has been gone a while, and it is evident that he is continuing his quality over quantity approach, with his last 2 albums ‘FM’ and now the new ‘Vince Staples’ sitting at around 20 minutes each in length, with none of his albums being that long for this current generation, with the exception of ‘Summertime ’06’ which sits at just under an hour.

Whilst S06 is very good, the approach that Staples has taken with his other albums is very refreshing in the current state of hip-hop and music in general, as many artists vouch for putting out as many songs as possible on an album and flooding the market whilst increasing streams.

However, what ‘Vince Staples’ gives us is 20 minutes of groovy, polished music that is typically out of Vince’s comfort zone, but fortunately, the way he delivers his vocals over this style of slower, more minimalistic production in contrast to his more brisk, experimental beat choices, you would think he has been doing this on every album he’s done, the lyrics and the production, predominantly by officer ‘Kenny Beats’ alike are both soulful and heartfelt, with Vince opening up in a way that we haven’t seen before, whilst still delivering that sarcastic charm that listeners are so used to seeing.

Overall, the album cover and the title ‘Vince Staples’ give the album even more of a pre-madonna feel than the ‘Pre Madonna’ album itself, tune in to experience Vince displaying great confidence and delivering impactful lyrics in an album that adds to his already great discography.