What’s good y’all! We are back with another hot look at what our SA celebs are up to…


first story of the day is Boity Thulo’s assault

Boity Thulo (media personality) recently confirmed that she was physically assaulted during an altercation at a hotel.

Reports have confirmed that Ms Thulo opened a case with the police after the incident happened. The report stated that the suspect allegedly threw a bottle of alcohol at Boity during a tense argument at the hotel on Thursday evening, leaving the star with a cut on her face.

The hit maker didn’t disclose the name of the suspect and instead stated that she needed to take time to physically and emotionally heal.


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The next story to look at is DJ Fresh’s addressal of rape allegations against him

DJ Fresh appeared on ‘Podcast and Chill’ with MacG and proceeded to give more insight onto the rap allegations against him and Euphonik.

Fresh started off by giving his side of the story, indicating things first kicked off when Euphonik’s name was included in a 2019 rapist list that was all over social media at that particular time.

He went on to say how Ntsiki Mazwai lost the case in high court in Johannesburg, as well as being told to stop making more statements regarding DJ Fresh.

DJ Fresh and Euphonik had spoken to the station manager after the incident, and it was decided that they would step off the air, contrary to the primedia broadcasting statement.

In further parts of this podcast, DJ Fresh and MacG talk about how the times have changed, and discussed how having sex with women before social media isn’t the same way as now.

The conversation continued with MacG asking “have you been a saint in the past 30 years?”, to which Fresh responded “as in i have forced myself on someone? no, i have not forced myself on anybody”.


OUR FINAL AND TOP STORY OF THE DAY: Prince Kaybee cancelled?

Producer Prince Kaybee has stated that since his nude picture was leaked online, people have cancelled him.

Prince also made a controversial tweet, which claimed that Amapiano being a male-dominated genre is part of the reason that women are thriving behind and in front of the scene.

Earlier this year Twitter was red hot with saucy DMs between a women named Eurica and Prince Kaybee.

Another woman then came forward with more alleged receipts in deleted posts, including an Instagram DM conversation, consequently releasing nude pictures of the hit-maker.

Kaybee later apologized to his girlfriend saying: “I cheated, i humiliated my girlfriend publicly. To the people i have disappointed, the businesses i represent, my girlfriend and my mother, i profusely apologize from the bottom of my heart”.