The Atlanta rapper, singer and songwriter Young Thug has offered his support to African immigrants trapped in Ukraine, following the developing aggression against Ukraine by Russia under President Putin’s orders.

It has recently been reported in various media outlets that African immigrants are encountering issues when attempting to cross borders to safety.

Ukrainian authorities have enacted an ‘Ukrainians first’ policy as referred to in BBC reporter Stephanie Hegarty’s tweet below.

Young Thug voiced his concerns over this development in the crisis on his Instagram stories yesterday.

He went on to write “Whoever holds the info for these movements please contact me ASAP I’m ready.”

There are many African students who went to study in Ukraine due to the affordable education offered, with The Irish Times giving an estimation of African students comprising of 20% of Ukraine’s foreign students.

Currently the UK is not accepting visa applications from Ukrainians who are stuck in the country while Russian bombs and missiles rain down. The only safe and legal route for Ukrainians to seek asylum in Britain is through British relatives.