What has been said this week by the government in regards to COVId-19

Covid Vaccine Rollout: 10.9 million have received their first dose of a covid vaccine, half a million have received a second dose.

Covid Infections and Deaths: numbers although still very high, are decreasing nationwide.

Vaccine Supplies: Over 400 million vaccines have been ordered according to Matt Hancock, but will be distributed evenly to those countries in greater need of them. There should be no worries about a shortage in supply.

Testing: Door-to-door tests to be conducted in certain regions of the UK for the South African strain.

Captain Tom: Prime Minister thanked and clapped for the late fundraising Centenarian.

NHS Test and Trace: Despite Dido Harding’s comments about the virus mutating, NHS Test and Trace is returning results within a day.

Passports: The Government are exploring their options to introduce a COVID vaccine passport for travel abroad.

Isolation and Borders: 22 countries in total are banned from entering the UK. Those UK arrivals are to quarantine in the hotels for 15 days.

We will be back next week with a basic, easy to follow summary for you all about the situation in the UK. In the meantime, we know it is very hard, although an end is in sight, we cannot be sure. All we want is for you to know you are not alone, please check out the numbers below if you are struggling.


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