Chidera Eggerue AKA The Slum Flower accused Florence Given copying her book ‘What a Time to Be Alone’ in her book ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’. If you need the low-down you can check out the article here.

What has happened since Chidera called out florence given?

1. Chidera has been dropped from Diving Bell Management.

Rather than supporting and protecting Chidera, she was dropped from her management that is shared with Florence Given. Diving Bell Group’s actions arguably uphold white supremacy, as they are not addressing the issue of Florence’s book, and are punishing Chidera for speaking up. @loudbossygross addressed in an instagram post that “we must not attack Florence Given but the system that allowed all of this to happen”.

2. Florence issued a statement.

She notes, “in my book I don’t try to speak for other people […] I acknowledge that these experiences I face are harder for marginalised women”.

Florence further denies Chidera’s claim that she copied her work, “I’ve never claimed to be the first person to talk about these topics, my work builds off the canon of feminist and self help books that people have been writing for decades”.

3. Black minds matter uk reject donation offer from florence.

Black Minds Matter chose to reject the offer by Florence Given as they stand in solidarity with Chidera Eggeure. They requested that Florence and Diving Bell Group give money to Chidera as compensation. They noted in their statement that “Black Minds Matter UK is not a platform to be used as a quick fix to erase the harmful and unacceptable behaviour directed towards any black folk”.