Through rhymes and rhythm Kida Kudz expresses his admiration for his African heritage and cultural roots, in his new released song Animalistic.

The Nigerian born artist moved to the UK when he was fourteen and effortlessly absorbed the musical landscapes of both environments. The artist encouraged the varying musical influences and accordingly fabricated a sound which ultimately depicts his cultural evolution.

Kida Kudz has labelled his music under the genre of “afroswank” and has stated that his musical style is a blend of various genres accompanying his well-known and prominent afrobeat sound.

Through his musical lyricism, within Animalistic, the artist explores incarceration, cultural integrity and the consequences of gang culture.

The new music video accompanying the song has striking visuals right from the start, with the scene of a burning bus at night amidst forest greenery.

The vigorous energy captured throughout the video aids Kida’s emphasised message within the song, concerning the importance of admiring and honouring personal heritage.

The video was shot in Lagos, Nigeria, with the intent to pay homage to Kida’s roots and the burning fire which Kida and others perform around perhaps marks the destruction of cultural and societal boundaries the artist has experienced.

The singer, songwriter and afro-jiggy rapper released a captivating hit through Animalistic, which serves as a testament to his self-proclaimed musical style.

The 25-year old has already accumulated an impressive selection of successful collaborations with major names in the industry, such as Burna Boy and Geko.

With the musical track record Kida Kudz possesses, we can’t wait to see what the artist releases next.

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