Binz has got his flow on point and has created a banger of a One Mic Freestyle.

While the freestyle stands at almost 80,000 views (though in our opinion it deserves way more), Binz is only just getting started.

In the freestyle, the Salford born rapper spits bars about how he’s consistently on his grind and that the money he makes now from rap makes his previous earnings look tiny. He’s focused on the bag now, and if that means dropping more fire we’re all for it.

The artist has been doing his thing since 2019, when he released ‘Cruising’ and ‘Letter to Bro’ within 2 months of each other, from his album ‘P110’.

Binz has also got a ‘Voice of the Street’ freestyle to his name, and his 2019 track ‘Reminiscing’ hit a jaw dropping 2 million views.


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Binz has a loyal fanbase, which evident from the comments on his One Mic freestyle. There have been calls to “drop the mixtape”, with one fan saying he is “absolutely on job”.

Safe to say you can dd us to his fanbase immediately! 

We’ve also added the track to our New Music Friday playlist – make sure to check out what brand new music we’re listening to…